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The Art Of Flower Crowns

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Our Journey

Our floral story begins in late 2011.

I’m married, with a 5 year old and newborn twins and desperately thinking of the future and how I am going to be able to help bring home some money for our newly extended family. I’ve been in retail management for as long as I can remember and I just kept thinking about how badly I didn’t want to return to that work. It was long hours, a roster that seemed so inflexible and inconsistent, plus the thought of having to pay double the daycare bill! Let’s just say it kept me up at night a lot.

All my life I’ve turned to art and craft as a way to help relieve stress. It just made me happy. Whether it was scrapbooking, drawing or costume making for my son’s ‘book week’ days at school and the like. I loved the feeling of finishing a new creation and having the tangible item in front of me. I wondered if there was something I could create that others would like to buy and that’s where it all began.

When I first started out I made hair accessories, kids tutu’s, and headband holders and would attend local markets every other weekend as well as selling online through a website and Etsy. Silk flowercrowns slowly made their way into my repertoire followed closely by DIY flower crown kits. Those kits would very quickly make up the majority of my sales and from there, the idea of showing other people how to create their own flower crowns emerged. I had my first workshop at Emu Plains Market and began offering this as a side service alongside the market stall appearances. Shortly after they began, the flower crown workshops superseded the market stall side of the business and that’s where we are at these days!

We offer group workshops for hen’s parties, birthdays, corporate events and other special occasions almost every weekend of the year. We have Stacey (baby sister) on board now to help host during the busy periods and we adore getting out and meeting lots of people.

Personally things have changed slightly, I now have a fourth child and a new partner who has two of his own kids and I am studying a Bachelor of Design full time but the flower crowns will always be an important part of me.

I absolutely love being able to go out and show people how to create their own personal flower crown masterpieces. The joy in their faces at the end of the workshops is something I can’t explain. I really hope I get to do this for many, many years to come!

Beck x

Hen’s Party Packages

time to celebrate

The ultimate in stylish hen’s day activities!

Flower crown workshops for hen’s parties have never been more popular and there’s a few reasons for this. They make a great ice breaker for your group as you are all learning something new together. Not only do they help create some beautiful photos throughout the day but you will have memories to last a lifetime.

To find out more about our packages enquire below.

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Upcoming Events

Exciting news!!

We’ve got a few workshops booked in at local venues across the Mornington Peninsula. They all include food and drink packages and make the perfect activity for smaller groups or individuals!

Sophie's Bridal Shower
Kristy's Hens Party
Tash's Hens Party

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